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If you choose an operating system for your desktop or laptop computer, there are three main options: Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Windows is the most widely used because it is quite easy to use in various institutions such as business and education. According to the latest data released by Microsoft in October 2018, Windows is still used on 1.5 billion computers in the world.

If you are on a very tight budget, then your choices are often Windows or even Linux. If you’re going to be doing graphic or video-heavy production, your choice may often be a Mac. The point is, before you choose your desktop platform, it’s important to identify your needs.

Windows had a rough time during its Windows 8 generation. Microsoft removed the Start menu, forcing users to rely on gestures to find features and launch apps. Three years later, in 2015, Microsoft introduced Windows 10, a much improved version of Windows that brought back the Start menu. Microsoft improved the user interface, simplified many settings, and removed the odd inconsistency that plagued Windows 8.

Advantages of the Windows Operating System

1 Support for all hardware

Because windows OS is used by 95% of users, so most hardware vendors make drivers for windows.

2 Ease of use

All versions of Microsoft Windows have similarities in them which makes it easy for users to switch from one version to another. Windows 7 users have no difficulty in migrating to Windows 10 as most of the features of Windows 10 are the same as windows 7. Windows user interface is also easier to use than UNIX and MAC.

3 Support for almost all software

The Windows platform is best suited for game and software developers. Windows has a large audience, so developers prefer to create utilities, games and software for the Windows OS. Linux users can’t create windows applications so better to use windows to develop applications.

4 Plug and play features

Most hardware devices can be detected automatically with the plug and play feature. You don’t need to manually install the hardware but the device is ready to use when installed, e.g. webcam, keyboard, mouse, mobile device, etc.

5 Desktop and touch screen

Windows 10 is made for touch screen devices and desktop computers. Windows 10 user interface is made in such a way that it works better for all kinds of Windows devices.

Weakness of the Windows Operating System

Windows 10, which has had some substantial temporary improvements, is a really strong Windows release. But even so that does not mean there are no weaknesses, here summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of Windows that you need to know:

8 Windows Disadvantages to Pay Attention to, One of them is Expensive License Prices There are some drawbacks of Windows which can be understood well. This software was first released by the company Microsoft Inc. It has a user-friendly appearance so that it becomes the user’s main choice.

From the Computer Basics Book written by Yahfizam published in 2019, the following are the shortcomings of windows:

1. Messy file system, for example when installing apps

2. Causing dependency on using Microsoft products

3. The required hard disk space is large

4. The security system is weak and easily hacked by hackers

5. Requires large physical memory

6. Requires high processor speed

7. Expensive license price

8. Requires regular maintenance and appropriate procedures according to the guide

Those are eight disadvantages of Windows on a computer that need attention


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