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Ameca robot, humanoid robot that impresses by expressions, ‘talks’ to the public at CES. Image of the robot “waking up to life” revealed at the end of last year went viral and draws attention for the realism of the expressions. A model will serve as a test base for artificial intelligence, and will sell for around R$745,000 each.

The Ameca robot, which went viral when it impressed by its resemblance to humans at the end of last year, had its first contact with the public at CES 2022, the biggest technology fair on the planet.

Humanoid machine, developed by the company Engineered Arts, showed the ability to “talk” for the first time. In a video released by Agence France Presse, the robot interacts with visitors to the event in Las Vegas.

Ameca Robot, humanoid robot that impresses

Last December, the first images of Ameca surfaced, drawing the attention of netizens on social networks. The image of the robot “waking up to life” went viral, leaving many people impressed, and others “scared”.

In its late 2021 announcement, the company stated that “Ameca is the most advanced robot in human form in the world.” Its creators say it could serve as a platform for the development of future robotic technologies.

“The reason to make a robot that looks like a person is to interact with people,” Will Jackson, CEO of Engineered Arts, said in an interview with Reuters at the time. “That’s why we built these expressive robots.”

Despite the high technology, the robot still lacks the ability to walk. According to the company, walking is a difficult task, but it is in the development plans.

What is known about Ameca robot:

  • Project took 15 years of work.
  • Its price will be around 100 thousand pounds, equivalent to R$ 745,000.
  • Robot can be used for the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
  • Hardware and software that allow constant updating.
  • Division into modules. According to the company, it is possible to have only “one hand” the “arm” of the model, there is no need to have the complete robot to work.
  • Cloud connection: all robot data is available remotely.
  • Smooth and realistic movements that seek to establish an “instant relationship with people”, according to the manufacturer.

‘Scared’ netizens
When the video of the Ameca began to circulate on the networks, comments soon came about the extreme realism of the robot. Marques Brownlee, a famous tech influencer, was one of the “scared”.

“Calm down folks, stop freaking out, it’s just a bunch of actuators and motors with rubber stretched over them to simulate facial movement. It’s all pre-programmed. It’s just for research,” he said. Then she added, “Internally: no, no, no, no, no, no.”

Company makes entertainment robots
Engineered Arts works on the development of humanoid robots in the UK. Its machines are used in science centers, theme parks and companies. More than 100 of its robots are active around the world, but Ameca is the most advanced of them.

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