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Claro launches app that standardizes phonebook contacts – CIKIJING.COM

Claro launches app that standardizes phonebook contacts. Claro launches a new application in which it standardizes the contacts in the user’s cell phone book by adding the operator’s code 21 for making long distance calls (DDD). The purpose of Claro Agenda is to serve customers who made the number portability and came from rival operators, and those who migrated from Nextel plans (bought by Claro in 2020) are also served in the new feature.

Developed by the Abacomm studio, which has already worked with other competing operators, such as Oi and TIM, Claro Agenda uses the 9th digit application technology, which includes a new digit in the smartphone agenda.

The app’s features include the automatic addition of the operator code and the Local Area Code, in addition to automatically backing up the old format, which gives the user the chance to revert the changes, as long as the app is not uninstalled. Before definitively applying the function, the user will also be able to view the changes.

It is worth mentioning that all contacts in the users’ calendar will never be transmitted to the operator’s servers, since all changes are made directly by the application on the mobile device.

Currently, the Claro Agenda app is already rated 4.4 and with more than 50 reviews on the Google Play Store.

In the applications segment, Claro already has a good relevance. In 2021, the Claro Cursos app was among the best in the self-improvement category, according to a Google Play ranking.

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The operator’s educational platform has around 100 training options and on-demand courses in areas such as health, administration and business, cooking, IT, finance, education, behavior, home and garden, art and culture, beauty and makeup, among others.

Claro Agenda: operator launches app for ex-clients of TIM, Vivo, Nextel and more

After releasing the use of the 2.3GHz frequency of 5G in São Paulo and Brasília in December, Claro is now launching another novelty for its customers: the Claro Agenda application. With it, it will be easier to change the operator code used for calls if you have migrated to Claro. App that standardizes phonebook contacts

The application promises to be very useful for many Nextel users, for example, who now need to use code 21 to make long distance calls because the operator was acquired by Claro in December 2019.

Using the app is very easy. Claro Calendar is available for Android and iOS and allows you to backup all your contacts before starting to change carrier code.

Claro launches app that standardizes phonebook contacts

Just select which numbers you want to modify or simply select them all at once. The application analyzes the numbers of the contacts and informs what changes are necessary such as adding the 9th digit, area code and standardization of numbers.

Then you just need to select your area code for Claro Agenda to modify your contacts with the necessary changes. Another positive point is that all changes are made only on the device itself.

According to Tele.Síntese, the app does not send any data to servers to make the changes, everything is processed on the smartphone, which guarantees greater security and privacy. Once applied, the changes can be undone with the backup as long as you don’t uninstall Claro Agenda.


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