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Trick to Reply Whatsapp Without Typing & Online

WhatsApp gives users the ability to see the status of others whether they are online on the platform or not. We can see this status at the top of the contact name. But for some WhatsApp users, online status turns out to be quite annoying. Because there are times when users just want to check the messaging platform without wanting to be seen online and reply to messages quickly.

Unfortunately, online status can’t be removed on WhatsApp. Users can only set last seen, the feature to see the last time online in the application But there are still ways to be invisible online or show typing messages.

1. Via Notification

One way is to reply via cellphone notifications, not by opening the WhatsApp application. This method can be used both on Android and iPhone. For Android, tap on the message on the notification screen and select the ‘mark as read’ option and finally click on ‘reply’ to send the message. On iPhone, swipe left on the notification panel and tap on the view and reply option.

2. Reply Offline

Offline is when the cellphone is not connected to the internet. This can be done by activating airplane mode or tapping the airplane icon on the cellphone. Next, reply to the message in the chat on WhatsApp. Later when airplane mode is disabled, messages will be sent automatically.

Trick to Delete WA Stickers Stored on WhatsApp

How to delete stored WA stickers can actually be done easily. For those who don’t know, there are two methods that can be used to delete stickers that have been downloaded and installed on WhatsApp. Stickers on WhatsApp are indeed an easy way of communication when you are lazy to type to reply to messages. Usually, you also save a lot of WA stickers so you can use them when needed. The number of additional applications to make WA stickers can also make your sticker collection more and more. Some stickers are also created using your photos with interesting words. However, because of the large collection of WA stickers, this makes the storage space on the cellphone full quickly. To overcome this, you inevitably have to reduce the sticker collection on WA.

Here’s how to easily delete stored stickers:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application and open a chat chat.
  2. At the bottom left, click the sticker emoji sign.
  3. After the sticker column appears, click “+” in the lower right corner to select which sticker you want to delete.
  4. Then select MY STICKERS, all the stickers stored in WA will come out. The stickers that appear include stickers that have been created with additional applications.
  5. Select the sticker you want to delete, then click the trash can sign on the right.
  6. After you click the trash can sign, the sticker will automatically disappear from the list and the WhatsApp application.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t yet have a feature to delete multiple stickers in a series. So, for example, you want to delete some of the ‘Shiba Anu’ series stickers, the entire sticker series will automatically be deleted. Meanwhile, if you want to delete a sticker created using an additional app, there is an easier way to delete the sticker. The trick is to uninstall the sticker application.

To uninstall or uninstall the sticker application, go to the Settings menu, then look for Apps. Then look for the sticker application that you want to delete and then click uninstall, automatically all stickers made from the application are also deleted from the WhatsApp sticker menu.

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