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Legends is Back? Nokia New Smartphone with Low Price on 2022 – CIKIJING.COM

Nokia new smartphone 2022, The kick-off for CES 2022 has been launched, and announcements keep coming from brands, which are ultimately very few to be present on site in Las Vegas. Nokia, once one of the hottest companies in the smartphone market, took the opportunity to present a few new models that might appeal to those on a budget. They are called Nokia C100, C200, G100 and G400 and we present them to you below.

The C100, C200 and G100

Nokia new smartphone 2022 is The C100, C200 and G100, to get to the essentials without breaking the bank
The first two models are literally the physical embodiment of the word simplicity. On the spec side, Nokia favors average components in all areas, while making huge compromises. Put it like that, the case does not seem attractive, and yet! We find in this smartphone a MediaTek Helio 822 chip, a front sensor and a rear sensor, and all powered by a 4000 mAh battery. Its biggest advantage is that it is priced below $ 100, as it has now been advertised for $ 99 at the moment.

In the same category is the C200, a model very slightly above since it embeds a larger screen, 6.1 inches. However, we find the same other specs, including the MediaTek Helio 822 chip, all for a few dollars more on the bill. It was advertised for $ 119, or just over $ 100.

If you are after a little more power and an even bigger screen, then you can fall back on the Nokia G100. This has a 6.5-inch screen and does not embed a MediaTek chip, but a Qualcomm chip. This is the Snapdragon 615, a processor far below what is currently on the market but which will suffice for the simplest tasks (messages, calls, internet browsing). It is displayed for him at a price of 149 dollars.

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The G400, an affordable versatile alternative

With the G400, we still go to another level since it is the only smartphone presented that offers itself as a low-cost alternative to 5G smartphones on the market. As this connectivity gradually becomes the norm, and carriers often charge you for the switch to 5G even if you don’t have a compatible phone, the Nokia G400 allows you to make this transition smoothly.

The G400 has a large screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, a rate found in the mid-range. Inside, still no MediaTek but a Snapdragon 480 4350 Pro chip. Finally, at the rear, there are three different sensors, with a main sensor of 48 MP. The whole thing was advertised for $ 239. A good deal compared to previous models but still extremely affordable for a 5G smartphone.

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