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Need ? food truck industry in malaysia – CIKIJING.COM

Need ? food truck industry in malaysia – Here Information Business For U !,

It is simple towards photo on your own operating a meals vehicle company when you view your preferred makcik nasi campur (you understand, the one you constantly most likely to at lunch time opportunity) offer out her huge trays of meals time in, time out. Offered out daily, wah she should be actually creating a s**t tonne of cash!

However perform you believe it is simple to become in the makcik’s footwear, marketing meals coming from her vehicle daily? Prior to you obtain all of thrilled as well as stop your task towards sign up with the makcik, let’s get a take a check out exactly just what it requires to begin your very own food truck business.

Within this particular short post, we will talk about the lawful demands that you have to satisfy prior to you can easily run your company without needing to operate far from the DBKL, the straight techniques towards develop your food selection as well as style, exactly just how you can easily market your food selection towards remain in addition to the competitors, as well as exactly just how you ought to determine your sets you back prior to you present your meals vehicle.

Meals vehicles are actually taking place an innovative course in Malaysia. Along with the straight strategy you can easily available your meals vehicle company as well as make lucrative amounts on everyday manner. Meals vehicle is actually enjoyable drivened company, which has actually a prospective towards expand along with opportunity.


has actually collection some standards for you, if you are actually eager on establishing your meals vehicle company in Malaysia. So as to guarantee high top premium as well as orderly functioning of the meals vehicles, the federal authorities has actually developed some regulations as well as concepts, which all of the meals vehicles companies need to follow. As stated due to the Malay email, the federal authorities has actually created the regulations since meals vehicle market is actually expanding, therefore it was actually the require of the hr towards place some limitations on business coordinators.

Therefore, exactly just what are actually our team waiting on? Let’s start your meals vehicle trip!

Calculate your costs right

1) How much is the one-time start-up cost?

Such as every other companies available, you are mosting likely to require a good quantity of funding towards kickstart your meals vehicle company. Just the amount of you are capable towards pump in will certainly identify the dimension as well as capability of your company.

After that there is likewise the lawful sets you back as well as just the amount of you had have to really purchase a meals vehicle

Check out the cost breakdown below that’s just a basic guideline in order to properly kick-start your food truck business, courtesy of our friends at the SME Corporation Malaysia:

Register with SSM (compulsory) RM100
Register with bank (compulsory) RM200
Good Driving Licence (GDL) (compulsory) RM500
Local business permit from local authorities RM500/year
Working capital RM3,000 (minimum)
Food truck deposit (minimum 10% from total price, for eg: RM55,000) RM5,500
Food truck installment RM600/month
Sign boards and bunting RM300
Food truck sticker (basic) RM500
Equipment (kitchenette, gas, freezer, etc) RM4,000
Typhoid immunisation injection (compulsory) RM40 – RM80
Food serving course (compulsory) RM100 – RM200
Preparation of raw materials RM4,000 – RM8,000/month
Maintenance RM300

Of course, the amounts stated above are just a ballpark figure, your start-up costs will vary depending on things like:

  1. If you offer there are any add-on services.
  2. The type and brand of appliances used.
  3. If you have any connections that will allow you to get your marketing materials and raw  materials at a cheaper cost.

2. What about the raw materials and ingredients?

Need ? food truck industry in malaysia – Here Information Business For U !

You really did not believe the meals you are mosting likely to offer will certainly magically look like in the Harry Potter films, performed you? Operating a meals company implies that you MUST supply atop your basic materials every day. Both classifications under basic materials will be actually the completely dry out (flavors, rice, flour, grains, and so on.) as well as clean create (chicken, meat, fish, eggs, veggies, and so on.).

One suggestion towards prevent your sets you back adding-up quickly is actually through equipping wise – particularly for clean create. Certainly not just perform you have to bear in mind the expiry day towards prevent unneeded waste, you had likewise have to patronize the straight places for less expensive costs without jeopardizing on the high top premium.

For instance, if you have to purchase beef, you can easily purchase it at any type of Tesco keep for RM30.99 every kg OR you can easily get up at the break of dawn towards go to your regional farmer’s market (also known as pasar tani). Inning accordance with this Malaysian blogger, she managed to get a kilogramme of fresh sirloin for only RM22 per kg!

She also advised to make friends with the sellers in the markets and pasar borong; not only will you enjoy more discounts without having to haggle in the long-run, they’ll also reserve choice cuts and parts for you without you needing to ask!

3. How much do I need to pay for labour costs?

In a conventional brick-and-mortar establishing, the expense of work might use up a big part of your budget plan depending upon the variety of personnel your company requirements. Fortunately for you, when it concerns meals vehicle companies, the variety of workers could be significantly decreased – in some cases also to just 2 individuals each time!

You do not also have to employ full-time aides (unless you have actually the cash for it lah), simply employ part-timers rather. However, even if they’re part-timers, do not lah be actually therefore kedekut as well as pay out all of them peanuts. Lawfully talking, you have to pay out a lowest of RM5.05 every hr for your employees, however if the work is actually huge as well as you are making effectively, pay out all of them much a lot extra a little bit lah.

If our team choose the base pay of RM5.05 every hr however, it is certainly not going to become a great deal whatsoever – it is certainly not such as you are mosting likely to run 24/7 such as the femes McDonalds kan? Therefore for instance, if you decide to operate your company coming from 7pm – 12am on Mondays towards Saturdays (top hrs for makan yo !), after that it will compute towards an inexpensive expense of RM151.fifty each week.

Still excessive for your budget plan? Inquire your relative to assist you out free of charge rather. Household kan, therefore kira halal lah straight? You can easily likewise inquire your buddies to assist you out when they can easily, perhaps deal all of them a totally free dish as appreciation? Simply keep in mind towards pay out all of them for their generosity when your meals vehicle company removes!


4. Will there be any overhead costs?

Meals vehicle companies generally can easily conserve you a fair bit on above sets you back. Above sets you back right below describe the costs that you had have to maintain your company operating like repair work, insurance coverage, electrical power as well as sprinkle expenses, in addition to marketing.

A fast instance: You can easily get rid of the resettlement of significant regular month-to-month store leasings because you had have actually currently purchased your very own meals vehicle. Besides that, you are capable towards conserve in regards to electrical power as well as sprinkle expenses, thinking about a meals vehicle is actually typically geared up along with its own very personal sprinkle storage container and generator.

Inning accordance with the tariff booklet offered through Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Malaysia, a regular medium-voltage business would, on average, spend AT LEAST RM600 a month on electricity alone.

As  a food truck owner though, you do need to allocate some budget specifically for fuel by taking into account the consumption and distance travelled in your daily operations.

Coming up with a winning business plan

Much like exactly just what the estimate states, preparation is actually an essential component of your company. Appropriate preparation will certainly certainly not just ensure a long-lasting excellence for your company, however will certainly likewise enable you a much more arranged company procedure along with unobstructed instructions in the direction of ending up being a lucrative endeavor.

Right below are actually the essential sections that you should consist of:

  • Company summary – specify the meals vehicle market in your area, the present overview, potential prospective, the idea as well as style, various other markets as well as markets that might impact your company.
  • Market evaluation – determine the market’s pattern, collection a target audience, evaluate the competitors. Prevent possessing a comparable food selection towards a rival running in the exact very same location as you.
  • Company as well as administration – discuss thoroughly exactly just how you strategy towards operate your company, develop requirement running treatments for each workers as well as on your own, in addition to their obligations every day.
  • Line of product – listing out a comprehensive summary of your food selection, components, treatments, food preparation as well as cooking procedures, consisting of the amount meant available up available.
  • Advertising strategy – lay down the information of exactly just how you strategy towards market your meals vehicle company. Be actually it internet marketing like social networks, paid out marketing, influencer advertising, and so on. or even offline advertising like leaflets, broadcast industrial, and so on.
  • Financing demand as well as proposition – for this, you have to clear up just the amount of financing you have to begin your meals vehicle company as well as precisely exactly just how you strategy to obtain it. Let’s state you chose towards register for an individual lending or even a federal government/personal funded money, define the precise quantity you wish to obtain.
  • Monetary forecast – produce a break down of your anticipated costs, in addition to revenues as well as losses for your very initial 3 years towards provide you a reasonable assumption of the course you are ready to start.

Once once more, a solid structure is essential for any type of companies, that is why an effectively considered company strategy is actually important. Besides that, a great company strategy that’s correctly performed will certainly likewise produce a much better perception for your prospective enrollers and financiers.

Need ? food truck industry in malaysia – Here Information Business For U !

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