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CES 2022: New TVs, Foldable Laptop, Color Changing BMW and More.

CES 2022 is already approaching its end, with a series of news in several areas of technology. TudoCelular covered several of these events and summarizes for you what was best at the fair, in this TC duty.

Among the highlights are the new generation Smart TVs with OLED panels and Mini LED technology. In the notebook sector, there are new ultra-thin and foldable options. As for hardware, new graphics cards promise more performance in games. In the automotive field, it was possible to change the color of a car at the push of a button.

Not to mention the Galaxy S21 FE, which has been made official and may be close to arriving in Brazil. Want to know all the details? Check out the following topics:

Foldable Zenbook and other notebooks

The new notebooks are among the main highlights of CES 2022. One of the ones that drew the most attention was the new foldable laptop from ASUS. The Zenbook 17 Fold OLED can be used folded, with a virtual keyboard or Bluetooth, to have a 12-inch screen. With it open, you can activate PC mode, to have a 17-inch monitor.

The flexible machine comes with a state-of-the-art processor from Intel and a sound system from Harman Kardon, in addition to promising a durability of up to 30,000 opening cycles.

Another novelty on the market is the XPS 13 Plus, from Dell. It remains the same weight as before, but has had its design renewed. The cooling system has been reworked to be more efficient, while the keyboard is now borderless and has a new key size. The touchpad has also changed and is now made of glass mixed with the wrist rest, for a cleaner look. Here we also have Intel’s 12th Gen CPU and Windows 11 out of the box.

One company that has made its debut in notebooks is TCL. She presented the BOOK 14 Go, an ultra-thin model designed for students and young professionals. Its portability is still in the autonomy of 12 hours of battery and support for 4G connectivity. These features make it easy to use on the go, thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7c chip.

CES 2022: BMW that changes color and more car news

BMW showed at the fair that it is possible to change the color of the car with just one button. The feat was accomplished in the iX electric SUV, with a change from white to dark gray. We still don’t have more details on how it occurs, but we know that you can choose between alternating sharply or gradually. The automaker did not disclose whether the novelty will become a commercial option in the future.

Still in the automotive sector, Sony presented its new electric SUV at CES. Vision-S 02 has a capacity for up to seven people and also offers an integrated 5G connection, to install updates even from a distance. The interior has several sensors, which detect the driver’s movements and support gestures and voice commands.

The innovations in this segment do not stop there. Intel’s self-driving car division, called Mobileye, unveiled a system-on-chip designed for driverless cars. The component promises a leaner format, which does not require complex parts of energy. This helps to reduce costs and improve battery life. The problem is, to see this chip in action, we’ll have to wait until late 2023, when the first prototypes are expected.

Galaxy S21 FE has a date to be announced in Brazil

You may remember that we first released the Galaxy S21 FE hands-on at the end of the year. Now, it was finally made official by Samsung, during CES 2022. The specifications follow those we have already disclosed, so the highlight of the announcement is due to availability.

Samsung will launch its new cheap top globally on January 11th. On the same date, the Brazilian branch of the company will hold an event that should serve to communicate the availability of the device in the country. If you’re eager to check out the Korean’s new cell phone up close, your curiosity must be very close to being quenched.

NVIDIA and AMD with new graphics cards

CES 2022 was the stage for the presentation of new video cards, to equip machines that are better and better in games and other tasks. One of the examples was NVIDIA, which launched four new models in the RTX 30 series. The main one is the 3090 Ti, considered the most powerful GPU on the market. It is capable of achieving 40 teraflops of processing and promises a higher clock speed than the version without the Ti.

On the red side, AMD has revealed more Radeon-branded dedicated graphics. There are five new models of the RX 6000M line, designed for entry-level notebooks, not to have a high cost. The RX 6000S series made its debut with three GPUs, aimed at ultra-thin and light notebooks. Their focus is on maintaining the product’s compact size and providing energy efficiency.

New QLED, OLED and Mini LED TVs are announced

The main companies in the market have renewed their Smart TVs portfolio with new models. Samsung was one of them, with the bet on the new Neo QLED TVs, with a new platform called Gaming Hub. In it, the user will be able to access the main cloud gaming platforms, such as Google Stadia and GeForce Now, in addition to the console titles.

The Mini LED technology also still attracted several manufacturers. Sony, for example, announced new televisions with the lighting feature, in conjunction with 8K resolution. TCL, on the other hand, bets on the 144 Hertz panel, with OD Zero technology, which allows the use of Mini LEDs with an ultra-thin profile. Meanwhile, Panasonic preferred to focus on its line of OLED televisions. They promise bigger and brighter sizes, in addition to lower latency, to please primarily gamers.

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