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New Year 2022 ! Best Commuting Gadgets to Improve – CIKIJING.COM

New Year 2022 ! Best Commuting Gadgets to Improve – Check it Out !,
If you’re not lucky enough to be working from home, then you’ll likely have to battle the morning commute to get to and from work every day. It might seem like a small part of your day, but it can take up lots of time and cause lots of stress on your body and mind, so it’s good to find ways to make it easier. The best commuting gadgets can help improve your journey by making it more enjoyable or more productive, so read on to discover five must-have tools that will change your daily drive forever!

Wearable Tech

In recent years, there’s been a rise in wearable tech specifically designed for commuters. Devices like Jawbone’s UP24 band and Misfit’s Shine are designed to track your steps and sleep patterns throughout your day – including when you’re on public transport. Other apps can use location services to help you find your nearest train stations or buses.

But why stop at gadgets? There are plenty of ways you can improve your journey without investing in extra kit. So whether it’s music (via Bluetooth speakers), podcasts or audiobooks (via an MP3 player), consider bringing some entertainment with you; if possible, pair it with some mindless doodling! These types of activities can make time fly while keeping your mind engaged and alert.

A Smart Watch

The Fitbit Ionic will keep you moving with features like an exercise timer, guided breathing sessions and a target to reach your daily step goal. It’s also water-resistant up to 50 metres, so if you don’t want to leave it at home when you go for a swim or head out in a rainstorm, you won’t have any worries. And with on-board music storage and free streaming services, there’s no reason not take it along for your commute!


Whether you prefer listening to music or audiobooks, noise-cancelling headphones can be a godsend on your commute. They drown out other commuters’ conversations and soft rock (or anything, really) with their built-in microphones that transmit ambient noise and music from your device back into your ears – which makes them perfect for quieter environments like trains and buses. Just be sure you invest in a pair that has good sound quality; you don’t want all that money spent going to waste.

Portable Chargers

If you’re lucky enough to be working remotely, you probably don’t have an office or plug socket handy in case your phone runs out of juice. Portable chargers are just like regular chargers but they run on a battery. A portable charger will solve all your problems. Just plug it into your device and you’ll never run out of juice again! Keep one in your desk drawer at work and one in your bag so you can charge up during any downtime.

New Year 2022 ! Best Commuting Gadgets to Improve – Check it Out !

A Notebook

Make sure you always have a notebook with you. If inspiration strikes on your commute, get it down as quickly as possible. No one said these ideas had to be gold! Also, if there’s something that needs checking when you arrive at work or home (i.e., an email address), put it in your notebook so that you don’t forget about it later on.

Car Accessories

If your commute involves a car, it’s a good idea to invest in accessories that make your journey more bearable. Smartphone mounts and GPS units can keep you entertained on boring roads, while devices like SONA bluetooth speakers and Amazon Echo Dots allow you to get work done with ease. So what are you waiting for? Here are some of our favorite commuting gadgets.

Get Some Fresh Air

If you commute by train, bus or car (or even bicycle) each day, try using your commute as a time to de-stress, improve your health and enjoy some fresh air. For example, instead of eating breakfast at your desk while scrolling through emails, step outside with a piece of fruit and watch commuters hurry by. You’ll appreciate how relaxed you feel once you get back inside – and you might even find it easier to focus on what’s in front of you.

Other options include listening to podcasts or audiobooks during your commute; if you don’t have headphones, use public transportation wisely so that you can be part of conversations around you. It may seem simple, but taking an active interest in your commute is surprisingly effective for improving your mood and helping you manage stress. After all, when we feel stressed out because of our commutes, we often find ourselves rushing to finish work – creating a vicious cycle that leads to more stress.

By giving yourself space to breathe during each journey, though, you give yourself space to relax after every journey. Who knew getting somewhere could also be about enjoying your destination?

New Year 2022 ! Best Commuting Gadgets to Improve – Check it Out !

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