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PlayStation VR2 will feature 4K image and exclusive game from Horizon Zero Dawn. Announced at CES 2022, new PlayStation 5 virtual reality glasses also feature eye tracking and do not require an external camera to detect movement.

PlayStation VR2 is the name of the new generation of Sony VR glasses for PlayStation 5 (PS5). The news was revealed this last Tuesday (5). During CES 2022, along with a spin-off from Horizon Zero Dawn called Horizon Call of the Mountain. Designed to take advantage of peripheral technologies. Among the highlights of the device are support for 4K HDR resolution, eye tracking and greater immersion with vibration in the headset itself. There are still no details on price or release date in Brazil, however.

PlayStation VR2 will feature 4K

According to early information, the PlayStation VR2 offers a 110º field of view compared to its predecessor’s 100º, plus accelerated rendering and 3D Audio. Its screens are OLED with 2000×2040 resolution per eye, with refresh rates at 90/120Hz to provide more fluid images.

Unlike the previous model, the PlayStation VR2 promises an easier installation. Using just a Type-C USB cable to connect to the PS5. In addition, the new peripheral eliminates the need for external cameras, as the headset itself has built-in cameras and sensors to detect the player’s movements and the direction he is looking.

PSVR 2 is revealed with new Sense controls and exclusive game from Horizon

PlayStation VR 2 is compatible with PS5 and promises even more immersion thanks to the new headset with built-in cameras and Sense controls with tactile feedback and adaptive triggers.

Sony’s virtual reality platform will receive a major update for the new generation of consoles. Last Tuesday (4), during a presentation at CES 2022, the company unveiled the PlayStation VR 2. The accessory will be compatible with the PS5. And will include revamped VR glasses with internal cameras and unprecedented Sense controls with immersive features of the DualSense.

At the conference, Sony showed important details about the PSVR 2. Among the technical specifications, the accessory will have 2000×2040 pixel OLED panels in its glasses capable of reproducing images at 90 Hz and 120 Hz, with an approximate field of view of 110 degrees . The games on the platform will be able to run in resolution up to 4K and will feature HDR support.

To increase immersion in virtual reality, the company was inspired by DualSense features. The PlayStation VR2 is compatible with the new Sense controls. Which offer the same tactile feedback mechanics and adaptive triggers as the PS5’s joystick. The device’s headset will also be equipped with a vibration motor to “amplify the sensations of the player’s actions in games”.

In addition, the platform will have four cameras and an infrared sensor inside the glasses. These components will be responsible for recording the movement and position of the players’ eyes. With this, it will be possible to change the direction of the camera within the game just by moving your eyes, without moving your entire head.

PlayStation VR2 will feature an exclusive game from the Horizon series

PSVR 2 will also receive a library of exclusive titles, starting with Horizon Call of the Mountain. Developed by Guerrilla Games in partnership with Firesprite Games. The game takes place in the same post-apocalyptic world as Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. We still don’t know when exactly the game will be available nor details about the plot or gameplay.

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